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java_cup::action_production Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A specialized version of a production used when we split an existing production in order to remove an embedded action. Here we keep a bit of extra bookkeeping so that we know where we came from.
last updated: 11/25/95
Scott Hudson

Definition at line 11 of file action_production.java.

Public Member Functions

action_part action ()
 action_production (production base, non_terminal lhs_sym, production_part rhs_parts[], int rhs_len, String action_str) throws internal_error
production base_production ()
terminal_set check_first_set () throws internal_error
boolean check_nullable () throws internal_error
boolean equals (Object other)
boolean equals (production other)
terminal_set first_set ()
int hashCode ()
int index ()
symbol_part lhs ()
void note_reduction_use ()
boolean nullable ()
boolean nullable_known ()
int num_reductions ()
int precedence_num ()
int precedence_side ()
production_part rhs (int indx) throws internal_error
int rhs_length ()
void set_precedence_num (int prec_num)
void set_precedence_side (int prec_side)
String to_simple_string () throws internal_error
String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Enumeration all ()
static production find (int indx)
static int number ()

Protected Member Functions

String declare_labels (production_part rhs[], int rhs_len, String final_action)
String make_declaration (String labelname, String stack_type, int offset)
int merge_adjacent_actions (production_part rhs_parts[], int len)
void remove_embedded_actions () throws internal_error
action_part strip_trailing_action (production_part rhs_parts[], int len)

Static Protected Member Functions

static boolean is_id_char (char c)
static boolean is_id_start (char c)

Protected Attributes

action_part _action
production _base_production
terminal_set _first_set = new terminal_set()
int _index
symbol_part _lhs
boolean _nullable = false
boolean _nullable_known = false
int _num_reductions = 0
production_part _rhs []
int _rhs_assoc = -1
int _rhs_length
int _rhs_prec = -1

Static Protected Attributes

static Hashtable _all = new Hashtable()
static int next_index

Package Functions

boolean set_nullable (boolean v)

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