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static void java_cup::Main::usage ( String  message  )  [inline, static, protected]

Print a "usage message" that described possible command line options, then exit.

message a specific error message to preface the usage message by.

Definition at line 234 of file Main.java.

Referenced by parse_args().

"Usage: " + version.program_name + " [options]\n" +
"  and expects a specification file on standard input.\n" +
"  Legal options include:\n" +
"    -package name  specify package generated classes go in [default none]\n" +
"    -parser name   specify parser class name [default \"parser\"]\n" +
"    -symbols name  specify name for symbol constant class [default \"sym\"]\n"+
"    -interface     put symbols in an interface, rather than a class\n" +
"    -nonterms      put non terminals in symbol constant class\n" + 
"    -expect #      number of conflicts expected/allowed [default 0]\n" + 
"    -compact_red   compact tables by defaulting to most frequent reduce\n" +
"    -nowarn        don't warn about useless productions, etc.\n" +
"    -nosummary     don't print the usual summary of parse states, etc.\n" +
"    -nopositions   don't propagate the left and right token position values\n" +
"    -noscanner     don't refer to java_cup.runtime.Scanner\n" +
"    -progress      print messages to indicate progress of the system\n" +
"    -time          print time usage summary\n" +
"    -dump_grammar  produce a human readable dump of the symbols and grammar\n"+
"    -dump_states   produce a dump of parse state machine\n"+
"    -dump_tables   produce a dump of the parse tables\n"+
"    -dump          produce a dump of all of the above\n"+
"    -version       print the version information for CUP and exit\n"

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