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java_cup::Main Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This class serves as the main driver for the JavaCup system. It accepts user options and coordinates overall control flow. The main flow of control includes the following activities:

Options to the main program include:

-package name
specify package generated classes go in [default none]
-parser name
specify parser class name [default "parser"]
-symbols name
specify name for symbol constant class [default "sym"]
emit symbol constant interface, rather than class
put non terminals in symbol constant class
-expect #
number of conflicts expected/allowed [default 0]
compact tables by defaulting to most frequent reduce
don't warn about useless productions, etc.
don't print the usual summary of parse states, etc.
print messages to indicate progress of the system
print time usage summary
produce a dump of the symbols and grammar
produce a dump of parse state machine
produce a dump of the parse tables
produce a dump of all of the above
turn on debugging messages within JavaCup
don't generate the positions code
don't refer to java_cup.runtime.Scanner in the parser (for compatibility with old runtimes)
print version information for JavaCUP and halt.

last updated: 7/3/96
Frank Flannery

Definition at line 67 of file Main.java.

Static Public Member Functions

static void dump_grammar () throws internal_error
static void dump_machine ()
static void dump_tables ()
static void main (String argv[]) throws internal_error, java.io.IOException, java.lang.Exception

Static Protected Member Functions

static void build_parser () throws internal_error
static void check_unused ()
static void close_files () throws java.io.IOException
static void emit_parser () throws internal_error
static void emit_summary (boolean output_produced)
static void open_files ()
static void parse_args (String argv[])
static void parse_grammar_spec () throws java.lang.Exception
static String plural (int val)
static void show_times ()
static String timestr (long time_val, long total_time)
static void usage (String message)

Static Protected Attributes

static parse_action_table action_table
static long build_end = 0
static long check_end = 0
static long dump_end = 0
static long emit_end = 0
static int expect_conflicts = 0
static long final_time = 0
static long first_end = 0
static boolean include_non_terms = false
static BufferedInputStream input_file
static boolean lr_values = true
static long machine_end = 0
static boolean no_summary = false
static long nullability_end = 0
static boolean opt_compact_red = false
static boolean opt_do_debug = false
static boolean opt_dump_grammar = false
static boolean opt_dump_states = false
static boolean opt_dump_tables = false
static boolean opt_show_timing = false
static long parse_end = 0
static PrintWriter parser_class_file
static long prelim_end = 0
static boolean print_progress = true
static long reduce_check_end = 0
static parse_reduce_table reduce_table
static lalr_state start_state
static long start_time = 0
static boolean suppress_scanner = false
static boolean sym_interface = false
static PrintWriter symbol_class_file
static long table_end = 0

Private Member Functions

 Main ()

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