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jasmin::parser Class Reference

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Detailed Description

CUP v0.10j generated parser.
Wed Jun 18 07:32:42 EDT 2003

Definition at line 17 of file parser.java.

Public Member Functions

short[][] action_table ()
void debug_message (String mess)
Symbol debug_parse () throws java.lang.Exception
void debug_reduce (int prod_num, int nt_num, int rhs_size)
void debug_shift (Symbol shift_tkn)
void debug_stack ()
abstract Symbol do_action (int act_num, lr_parser parser, Stack stack, int top) throws java.lang.Exception
java_cup.runtime.Symbol do_action (int act_num, java_cup.runtime.lr_parser parser, java.util.Stack stack, int top) throws java.lang.Exception
void done_parsing ()
void dump_stack ()
int EOF_sym ()
int error_sym ()
Scanner getScanner ()
Symbol parse () throws java.lang.Exception
 parser (java_cup.runtime.Scanner s)
 parser ()
short[][] production_table ()
short[][] reduce_table ()
void report_error (String message, Object info)
void report_fatal_error (String message, Object info)
java_cup.runtime.Symbol scan () throws java.lang.Exception
void setScanner (Scanner s)
int start_production ()
int start_state ()
void syntax_error (Symbol cur_token)
void unrecovered_syntax_error (Symbol cur_token) throws java.lang.Exception
void user_init () throws java.lang.Exception

Public Attributes

ClassFile classFile
Scanner scanner

Protected Member Functions

boolean advance_lookahead ()
Symbol cur_err_token ()
boolean error_recovery (boolean debug) throws java.lang.Exception
int error_sync_size ()
boolean find_recovery_config (boolean debug)
final short get_action (int state, int sym)
final short get_reduce (int state, int sym)
void init_actions ()
void parse_lookahead (boolean debug) throws java.lang.Exception
void read_lookahead () throws java.lang.Exception
void restart_lookahead () throws java.lang.Exception
boolean shift_under_error ()
boolean try_parse_ahead (boolean debug) throws java.lang.Exception

Static Protected Member Functions

static short[][] unpackFromStrings (String[] sa)

Protected Attributes

boolean _done_parsing = false
CUP $parser $actions action_obj
short[][] action_tab
Symbol cur_token
Symbol lookahead []
int lookahead_pos
short[][] production_tab
short[][] reduce_tab
Stack stack = new Stack()
int tos

Static Protected Attributes

static final short[][] _action_table
static final int _error_sync_size = 3
static final short _production_table [][]
static final short[][] _reduce_table

Package Functions

 parser (ClassFile classFile, Scanner scanner)

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